While she is periodically viewed sporting everyday clothes, Annie is usually viewed wear the standard Junior High consistent

Annie are this short lady. She’s got blue eyes and helps to keep this lady golden-haired locks fastened back, in most cases, dressed in their bangs over the girl proper attention.


For the most part, Annie often keeps to by herself. She is proven to over-react sometimes over unimportant things, but is in a position to accept this and apologize when needed. She in addition suffers from results anxiousness (aka stage fright) and it is typically exceptionally unwilling to perform in front of a sizable measure market.

Despite the girl generally silent and reserved characteristics, Annie isn’t afraid of conflict. She can effortlessly remain true for herself whenever other individuals attempt to quit this lady, either from doing a job or wanting to speak to a classmate.


Annie belongs to 1st seasons class entering fight Junior senior school and it is designated as part of Class 3. Throughout welcome service, Annie overhears fellow beginner Eren’s love of mozzarella cheese loaf; due to this being this lady preferred products additionally, Annie became also embarrassed to acknowledge this after the guy reported it. She would start to establish a grudge against Eren in reaction.

Down the road, Class 3 takes part in a dodge baseball tournament and Annie has the capacity to knock out four some other members, winning the fit for her class. [1] She overhears they shall be rising against course 4 (the course Eren belongs to) and covers to handle them. Observing Eren is fully gone, Annie try told by Armin that Eren’s when you look at the toilet and you will be section of their unique match. [2] Annie swears her area will winnings and return to the lady employees; right before the complement, she goes back more than and is revealed Jean as verification that Eren can there be. Perhaps not buying they, Annie calls them out and is also planning to document all of them whenever Eren finally shows up. She actually leaves after announcing once again that Eren’s course will eventually lose. Through the fit, Annie is practically eradicated by Mikasa; she captures the thrown golf ball and rapidly removes Armin. [3] while the fit wind gusts straight down, Annie is actually astonished when Eren manages to eliminate this lady and victory the match for his team. [4]

Annie later on joins the scholar council and easily gets throughout the anxiety of fellow beginner Hitch. Hearing that Eren falls under the research pub (together with the Wall Beautification dance club), Annie gets up and declares that although the council takes notes and helps to keep paths on groups all over campus, the study Club might the exemption. She vows to truly have the dance club disbanded. [5] Hitch and Marlowe adhere omegle their (despite the lady informing them to not ever) and see Eren and also the dance club people on a field visit to wall structure Rose. Both side accept to a casino game of rock, paper, scissors to look for the destiny with the study pub. [6]

With every area getting one win apiece, Annie rises on Eren just like the choosing vote. When requested why she dislikes your much, Annie does not want to provide the reason why. They see trapped in a tie for 30 minutes before Annie manages to lose the lady clasp and prepares to get strike by Eren; however, Eren relents and requires her once more the reason why she dislikes your. Annie ultimately acknowledges that he discussed their preferred delicacies as his first which she couldn’t keep admitting that to everyone. After reading Eren apologize, she next realizes your whole thing is blown out of amount by her and acknowledges eliminate to Eren. The following day during lunch, Annie comes up to Eren, Armin and Mikasa and asks to sit with them. Starting to warm up to Eren, she offers part of the lady meal to him and they be pals. [7]

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