What an amazing event!!! We had a great time at Makerfaire 2017 in Berlin, it was an opportunity not to be missed. We travelled abroad, saw a new country and shared our skills with members of the community. We showcased many of our in-house designs and everyone got the chance to print with us. People made wonderful products, they realised that they can get really creative. So if you’re lacking the confidence and want to get involved, please do so, as you are the only thing in your way of achieving something like this.

It wasn’t only fun for young people but for everyone across all ages. There were high levels of engagement, as people were able to construct their own designs and transform them into wonderful prints. The best part was seeing the smiles of all participants. They had produced things such as cups, plates, t-shirts, cushions and many more. It was a beautiful day with a stupendous atmosphere, everybody had learned something and had fun. 

The makers did a brilliant job of showcasing their skills to the wider society. Box Of Prints had also used this platform to spread the word of our product and services we have.

We love the idea of a ‘sharing community’.

On that day we delivered what we always aimed to do “Print with a purpose” So… Well done to the many makers who attended and skill shared. We hope to carry on with what we’ve built

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