Box of Prints LTD

Box Of Prints LTD is a company, which specializes in creating unique printed fabric.

What does your business do?

Quality over quantity is the underline pattern in the business. Prints are created from a story or in depth gather of research from particular area of study. We want customers to not only enjoy the look of a printed product but also engage with the imagery and probably link it to their own experiences.

Why did you start your business?

I started writing some notes and thinking, “actually, I think I can do this, I can set up a business”. It was only until 2015 when I decided to start putting all talks away and start acting on my vision. I had always had entrepreneurial tendencies but never developed my ability. It took a lot of confidence to change my mind pattern into ‘I can’s’ ‘ I will’ instead of focally thinking of the impossibilities.

How did you hear about LYST?

I heard about LYST from a simple Google search.  I had outgrown working from home and had to move out to a more professional location.

How has LYST helped you?

You’re paying rent here, and what happens is you don’t want it to fail. Having Clifford as a semi-mentor – he’s great, you can see that he encourages not only me but others to push ahead and go on in their business. If you need any help, I feel comfortable in going up to him and going to anyone part of LYST and asking, “you know what I’m having a struggle here, can you help me?” Another thing is, it’s helped with connecting with other businesses, dealing in collaborations, just connecting on the networking side of things which I never had before.

LYST had also played a big role in me coming an Entrepreneur In Residence at ‘StartUp’ Kitchen; from their introduction a year later I became the project leader of the mentoring sessions, which is a HUGE benefit for me at this stage in business.

What is key to your success?


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