The fresh cougar conforms to almost any habitat and is an excellent generalist kinds utilized in very American Habitat

It may be located on the southern area Andes inside the South america toward Canadian Yukon. It’s very the newest widest of every nuts terrestrial mammal during the fresh West Hemisphere.

Simply because of its money, it has been known by the certain labels, eg hill lion, puma, painter, panther, and you can catamount.

The cougar is proven to be next-largest extant cat about “” new world “” pursuing the jaguar. It is a secretive and you will mostly solitary animal, and is regarded as each other crepuscular and you can nocturnal, though, it may be viewed during the daytime.

The cougar is extremely just like faster felines, such as the home-based cat than nearly any species throughout the subfamily Pantherinae (where the brand new jaguar ‘s the only still-existing member).

The fresh cougar hunts by ambushing their victim, and it also has actually numerous victim. The number 1 weight loss program is away from ungulates, especially deer. Additionally, it preys into less species eg rodents or bugs. It does adapt to any habitat but favors environment that have rugged portion and you will dense underbrush getting stalking.

New cougar was a beneficial territorial animal plus it endures for the low society densities. This new area size of an effective cougar relies on the new vegetation, terrain, an abundance of prey.

The latest cougar actually always the predator, it has opposition of which they surrenders they eliminates. Including pets are the jaguar, grizzly holds, American black carries, American alligators, groups of coyotes, and grey wolves.

They mainly stops contact with individuals, although it can survive within the open areas. Regardless if, deadly attacks for the individuals are rare, there had been accounts showing an increase in United states owed to people entering cougar territory to construct structures for example farms.

Cougars choose to real time a lifetime of solitary except for people cougars, and therefore accept its offsprings to own a particular period of time.

Subspecies group

  • P. c. concolor used in South usa, and maybe excluding the location northwest of Andes.
  • P. c. couguar utilized in Main and you can North america, and maybe the northwestern element of South usa.


The household Felidae are believed to have originated China regarding the 11 million years back (mya). Good genomic search towards the Felidae imply that the typical predecessor regarding today’s Puma, Leopardus, Prionailurus, Lynx, and you may Felis descent moved across the Bering land link to the Americas 8.0 – 8.5 mil years back (mya).

The newest ancestry slowly diverged, making the brand new Us felids in order to occupy South usa around dos to help you 4 billion years back (mya) within the higher American Interchange. Which implemented after the creation off Isthmus away from Panama.

Certain profile indicate that ten,one hundred thousand in years past, in the Pleistocene extinction, the brand new North american cougar society is actually done away with. Brand new disappearance off other high mammals like the Smilodon, smooth way for the fresh Western cougar so you’re able to repopulate the latest North america.


Your head out-of a great cougar try bullet and its ears is vertical. The powerful shoulder, forequarters, and you will chin are designed to hold or grasp large target. It offers four retractable claws into the their hind paws and you can four into the forepaws.

The higher front side legs and you can claws are the results of variation so you can clutching prey. Cougars try nimble and you may thin family relations Felidae.

It is among the five premier pet varieties around the world. Adults remain in the twenty four – 35 in (60 to help tagged Prijs you ninety cm) significant in the arms. Males are about seven.9 legs (dos.cuatro yards) long of nostrils so you can end tip, and woman’s mediocre is actually ft (dos.05 yards), that have full ranges ranging from cuatro.9 – 9.0 feet (step 1.fifty – 2.75 meters) nose in order to end thought towards the varieties generally speaking. With the duration, new tail try taken into account 25 – 37 in the (63 – 95 cm).