Name: Helen Andriush

Location: Ukraine

Title: Illustrator, designer, artist, book lover and coffee drinker 🙂

 I draw and work as an illustrator and artist. Previously known as a graphic designer. I have a lot of experiences with most graphic programs (Ps, Ai, Cd, Id, W, Pp). Since 2004, I began painting with a graphic tablet and took great joy in it. My new love had opened a window for me to construct illustrative patterns and create small figurines from solid wood for interior decoration.

My creative journey began a long time ago. As a child, I attended Art School and creative clubs which led me to complete a degree at the College of Arts.  I am inspired by nature, mountains, trees, plants, animals and fascinated by medieval architecture and sculpture. My love for books, artists and designers works, brings out beauty that I’m captivated by; which aids towards my design process. I will say watercolors are one of my favourite mediums to work with, the delicacy and percentage of opacity is what makes a piece come to life.

I measure design success, by looking at people’s reactions, rather than they give me an assessment of my work. Feedback from customers is also a good way to see the success of my work.

Being a Bopper, I get to know new people, professionals in the creative field who share the same passion as me, and of course,having the opportunity to learn and gain new experience has been GREAT!

Helen Andriush

С ув. Елена Андрющенко.

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