Name – Dion Fenton
Birth Place – North London
Title – Artist/Illustrator/Graphic Designer
Experience – Art Foundation, Graphic design BA, multiple Exhibitions.
When did you start your creative journey?
My official creative journey started when I enrolled in an art foundation course in central London, from there I moved on to study Graphic Design at Portsmouth University.  however at a very young age my family noticed I took a liking to all things creative and encouraged my out let by gifting me with all type of art equipment. 
What who inspires your work? 
That could be just about anything. Could be my own ideas, or creative ideas from others. Most times I find being around creative people and environments inspires me most. 
What art media do you most like to work with and why?
I most like to work with pen and pencil, then to different software. Just love being able to sit on a train, or in a cafe and being able to just sketch something down really quick. I enjoy the simplicity of it. From a simple doodle it can be the beginning and foundation to a great design.
How do you measure the success of your designs?
How I measure design success…When a client is happy with the design then I feel like it’s been a success and if the design can serve its purpose and is understood positively by the audience.
What is great about being a Bopper?
Firstly saying the word Bopper is always fun. 
Dion Fenton

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