You adore to stage nice unexpected situations the item of your affection

If you have Venus in Leo within beginning information, when you are into a€?flirt modea€? you will a€?act to attracta€? in certain from the appropriate means:

Amazing. Your seems notably flamboyant; act with style; therefore render huge motions. (atica€? was a significantly better word.) When thinking about anyone, you will probably find your self instinctively throwing or teasing the hair, that is certainly a proper attention-getter.

Enchanting. You send out blossoms or chocolate or wine or roving artists, or quote poetry. Cyrano de Bergerac have a large nose but, like Roxanne, you want their design.

Regal. You really have an aristocratic atmosphere and a good bearing; and often look a€?gloriousa€?. You might act haughty or hard-to-please. You expect to be recognized, and can behave worth respect with one you desire.

Good. Provide merchandise and freely distribute favours and snacks. You may function generous or benevolent with those your favor. An individual rose is not your style a€“ three dozen will it much better.

Hot. You perform caring and friendly; while making your own admirer feel worthy of the interest. Touching and stroking try a tell-tale which shows interest from Leo the Lion. (Licking and pawing ought to be stifled and soon you know it would be appreciated.)

Venus in Leo wants to-be handled like royalty crazy and sex, you in addition understand how to treat your own enchanting spouse just like the King or Queen of palace inturn

Interesting. You show some type of talent or creative style; and find attention, applause, and thanks for the performance. Your become an actor (or a a€?hama€?).

In the event the globe Venus is in the sign Leo within horoscope next love are a great, intimate adventure! Indeed, you’re an incurable passionate in accordance with Venus in Leo you might maintain fancy with like. You may need plenty of attention and open exhibits of love and individuals fortunate to romance you’ll be doused with cozy, good gifts.

Venus in Leo has a sensitive pride and stronger pleasure crazy and that means you do wanted plenty of recognition and focus you’re cost-free with comments and have these types of a good want to undertaking true-love that once you discover they, your loyalty understands no bounds

Leos admiration are treasured. They motivate fantastic desire and commitment. Their friends are family for life for they know her Leo may be the king or master. They might be fiery, dramatic and stuffed with latest, interesting a few ideas into the room. Just do NOT must this lady hair during lovemaking…nor at all make the lady have a look or become absurd regarding the passionate encounter. The girl pleasure will be injured and she will leave you quickly so when cooler as ice, together head used large as she walks outside. In case you are in public places and heart or make enjoyable of her she atic vignette you’ll never, actually disregard.

Venus in Leo uses drama, innovation, style, and huge gestures to draw prefer a€“ just like it really is keen on people who utilize those methods. Because this may be the manifestation of The Queen and/or master, there has to be a virtually royal work set in courtship. Lack of cash merely will not create. In some way, someway, the means will be receive in order to grand and remarkable intimate instances.

The Venus in Leo individual try trying to produce and be in affairs that provides spontaneity, happiness and mutual admiration. This really is both therapeutic and warm in their eyes and happens a considerable ways to making a den they are going to never ever wish to set.