He’s even said he loves and cares about me

My (soon-to-be EX) boyfriend just told me that he does not care about my feelings at all and when we have arguments he goes back and tells his play little brother everything. I know I should be worried and I am, but should I break up with him like NOW or work it out.

I do love and care about him

This is something he said because he was angry at something. It’s not true that he doesn’t care about your feelings. Of course he does, but he said this out of anger. As for him telling stuff to someone else – why do you care? I think that you should think about things when you are calm and relaxed and only then make decisions.

About a month ago he texted me saying that he didn’t love me anymore but really liked me and felt that he needed a break

Ugh! My long term boyfriend recently said that he appreciates and respects me. Then he plays mind games, along with control and threats (I’ll never text you again). He’s hot, cold, distant and even silent. He requests me to come visit and then mentions sex. Then he’s asked me for money which I didn’t send. One minute he says he wants to live together and the next he says I’ll sit with you. He says he wants to me to.the states and lives in the Middle East. He doesn’t understand why I’m cautious. I feel like he’s using me and when I mention this – he got all defensive, mad and boom ends it. Now he’s said right before Valentines Day could I pick a girl for him to sleep with ? Then he says would it be okay for me to come with someone for him to sleep with ? How could he think that I would think that this is okay. Sounds to me that not only disrespected me but doesn’t care about my feelings. I’m sick of his bullshit too – I’m too old for his games! I have a hunch he will contact me on Valentines Day – fine he wants to play the silent treatment – think I’ll give him some of his own medicine!

My boyfriend of 5 months has recently decided that we needed to break up. I instantly backed off and told him to figure out what’s going on then let me know his decision as we had a long distance relationship. 2 hours later he texted saying that he wanted me and I made him happy. For the rest of the week he had apologized for breaking my heart and was putting effort into the relationship. A week later I went to his house in which he professed that he loved me and didn’t mean what he had said for an hour. After that night everything was amazing. We seemed to be back on tract. This past Sunday I was there again were he told me that he loved me multiple times and how happy he was. However last night I noticed he was acting strange again. He said he didn’t know if he loved me or if he wanted our relationship. We eventually decided after talking via phone call that we needed to just break up and not take a break. He keeps telling me he is sorry and that it was hard for him to end things and he was hurting. Today he mentioned that he did love me once and believes there is still a part of him that does he just needs space to figure out what he wants. He has reached out to me multiple times today and we have talked about what had happen. Is there a chance that he does love me and will eventually come back or should I move on?