My name is Iqra Hafeez. I belong to Sargodha, Pakistan. where I did my honors in textile designing from the University of Sargodha. I started working in the textile industry in 2016 as Creative textile designer. joining a leading textile firm of Pakistan based in Lahore. I started my career from scratch in the industry and brought myself in line among the emerging designers of Pakistan. 

Nishat linen is the largest textile retailer in the country. which sells not only woman wear but also men wear, kids clothing and Home textiles. Cosmetics is one of their recent ventures. Nishat linen has acquired a place among the retailers as the fastest growing company. 

My speciality is that I flourished from hand to digital media by exploring my developed aesthetics and visuals. I mostly take inspiration from nature. I also follow some of the leading fashion houses across the world, merging their trends with the local market requirements, creating ranges that are suitable for the customers targeted by my company. On the embroidery side, it mostly comes to form the rich culture of Pakistan.

Although I started working immediately after completing my honours in textile designing I aspire to polish my skills and knowledge further and soon will be taking a masters course in textile

As I mentioned by speciality that I flourished from hand to digital media designs through which every season I introduce a set of designs choosing different themes which are wildly loved by our customers. Recently my range of jalabiyas was much liked by not only the middle east market for which I was created but also in Pakistan. It bought a lot of fame for me as one of the leading jalabiya designers.

My company has always been a trendsetter in the market and hope we as a team will ensure that we introduce the most likeable trends in 2019. We expect 2019 to bring revival to some old design/fashion trends merging them well into the latest fashion.


As I mentioned above my jalabiya range made me outshine among recent designers of the industry as the jalabiya was the new fashion line in Pakistan. Having good cut lines and use of trims.

“Don’t be afraid of introducing ideas.
Believe in your capacity to succeed.
Be brave enough to follow your inspiration.”

And final what is your favourite quote?

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”
If everyone waited to become an expert before starting, no one would become an expert. to become an expert, you must have experience. to get experience, you must experiment! Stop waiting. Start Stuff.
or fashion.

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