Hi, my name is Elizabeth Burton

Fashion Designer/ Birmingham

I work as a design manager in a corporate clothing company where we supply uniform to a number of customers. “We believe that our clothes have a deep psychological impact upon the people and their performance. Every uniform has to both encapsulate the brand and empower the wearer. “

ork trip in China with one of our clients
Pilot of Virgin Atlantic

I’m inspired by travel; I’ve travelled to places in Asia such as Vietnam and India. In November I went to Peru and was taught traditional dyeing technique. Looking at building, cities, and changes in environments also inspire me. In particular, people watching, where I visually see how people have put their own style together to represent their own personality.

8 years ago, I had studied Fashion Contour Design at De Montfort University. After my degree I soon landed a sportswear design job so haven’t followed further education as of yet. I absolutely loved university and being around creatives, is such an exciting vibe to be surrounded with. I loved when we use to bounce ideas off each other. I actively have tried to develop my own creative knowledge by attending workshops, such as a footwear course, where I had learned how to create ethical, sustainable footwear from scratch. Also recently, attending a floral watercolor painting workshop was quite exciting. We live in an age where the design production is more digital and since learning the traditional arts back in university I feel we have lost that feel again. I would like to bring it back into prints and garments especially.

When working in retail, I designed the print for the ladies intimates: lingerie, nightwear and swimwear collection which was often full of floral or dragonfly repeat and placement prints.

This year, I’ll be mentoring students in their second and final year to help with their portfolio and preparation for life after university. I have also volunteered to guest speak and inspire young people to get industry experience.

My greatest achievement has to be designing the Northampton Rugby Kits. It was amusing to watch them also play in the kit that I designed.

I will have to also add taking on an intern who is now our design assistant brings me great joy as It’s good to see her develop and grow into successful, confident designer.

My 3 tips for succeeding in the creative are…




“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them”

Marc Jacobs wise words – I love this quote as its so true to on paper a design looks cool its not until you see someone wearing your work and it come to life with them happy wearing it that gives you that sensational creative buzz.

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