My name is Amara Raza and I am a 2nd year fashion design student in Manchester who is an aspiring fashion designer.  Hoping to complete my degree at MMU with an international fashion design BA(HONS). I am originally from a small town called Blackburn which is not far from Manchester. I moved to Manchester for more opportunity in the creative field of fashion. Alongside fashion I love art direction. I come from an art background as I have always been studying in that field. I also love photography and  love the idea of an image inspiring my design process

I have always had a passion for Art & Design ever since I could remember. I only recently realised that fashion was the creative path I wanted to go into. As before I was still finding my identity in the creative field through the art’s. I realised I always did have an interest in fashion styling as I would style myself. I have created an art direction on my social platform which is Instagram where I display my style and my own work. I would like to have set up my own clothing brand which would be inspired and influenced by my culture. An independent brand that is sustainable and ethically correct. As that is the future of fashion.

Where does your inspiration, your print, fashion, embroidery design come from and which process do you use to achieve the outcome?

I want to create South Asian fusion wear

I’ve always had my own style but everyone has a different way they are exposed to fashion. For me it was through my mother and culture. Growing up I was always inspired by the textures of fabrics I was sorely fed by and had to wear . I’d always try to change the traditional way of wearing a garment and this inspired by creativity into what it is now.

When trying to style myself I’ve always found it difficult finding certain things I want and would never find it on the high street and if I did it would be incredibly expensive. So having that In My mind I want to create the style that I ever so longed for growing up but to be affordable. I do eventually want to become bespoke and design for occasions but also want to have a starting point and provide for the market that is also affordable with my unique pieces.  ­­­­My inspiration is geared by Bollywood films as this is where I see garments portrayed beautifully. I then like to work with fabrics and prints to inspire the silhouette. I love using colour and creating shape. I love a busy foundation to work with.

Have you gone on to study or studied further

I am currently studying Fashion Design HND- at the Manchester college

Next year I will be completing my degree by doing a 1 year top up at Manchester metropolitan university. The degree I will have is International fashion design BA(HONS)

I want to further my studies by completing a Masters in Fashion design and technology at the London fashion College.

Do you have a very popular print or product which everyone loves.

I love oriental prints. My work is inspired by my Pakistani culture therefore the prints and colour’s used are always influenced by  south Asian textiles.

As we have recently entered the new year  what should we see from you or your company

As I am an upcoming Fashion Designer yet to figure out my brand concept. I hope to experience and travel more in order to initiate that first source of inspiration that will allow me to start my own brand with a purpose.

Whats been your greatest achievement

My greatest achievement has been creating my very first piece of clothing sourced by my own inspiration.  With the help of my mother’s excellent seamstress skills I was able to have my vision come to life. This allowed me to understand that anything is possible and there are no limits in being a creative.

What are your 3 tips for succeeding in the creative industry

Never give up on a design idea even if you are told NO by all your peers/colleagues. Find a way to make it happen.

Do more than you are told. Always do more

Have a purpose don’t just follow the crowd.

And finally what is your favourite quote

The people that succeed don’t always have the most talent, the most education, the most opportunity. Many times, they simply want it more. It’s never too late to chase your dreams.

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